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Interact with books with sound. Choose from books which have embedded buttons or sound panels which you can press to play music or sounds. Introduce your child to orchestra music or animal sounds or just have fun with the novelty of the circus. You child can also create their own music with our keyboard or xylophone or drum kit in a book. A sampling of titles is shown directly below. For more click through into the series.
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Poppy and Sam's Animal Sounds Poppy and Sam's Animal Sounds

Ages: 3 years and up
Pages: 10 pages
Format: Board book

Poppy and Sam are feeding the animals at Apple Tree Farm, and they’re a noisy bunch! Young children will love hearing the farm come to life as they press the pages of this entertaining book, to hear Curly the pig, Woolly the sheep, Rusty the dog, and more. At the end, you’ll hear all the noisy animals at once, accompanied by a jolly tune.

Our Price: $19.99
First Book About the Orchestra First Book About the Orchestra

Ages: 3 years and up
Pages: 10 pages
Format: Board book

Young children can discover the magic of the orchestra with this sound book. Each page has an embedded button to press to hear instruments from winds to strings to brass to drums. On the last page, every group of instruments comes together to create a beautiful piece of music.

Our Price: $18.99
My First Xylophone Book My First Xylophone Book

Ages: 3 years and up
Pages: 22 pages
Format: Spiral hardcover

Learn to play simple, well-known tunes on the real xylophone attached to the book. Each note is represented with a different color, which corresponds to the same color on the xylophone, allowing even very young children to pick out the tunes.

Our Price: $24.99